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Strangely Games

Strangely Games is an independent board game publisher and developer based in Nottingham whose website can be located here.

Their first game “Full Moon Jacket” is a co-operative, squad based strategy game set in the Vietnam war. In the game US Marines and North Vietnamese Fighters must work together to survive wave after wave of attacks by werewolf’s.

Paul D. Allen the games creator needed £35,000 to develop the game so decided to fund the project via crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. At the outset Gambit Consulting advised on the “5 Phases of Crowdfunding” which include: Planning, Creating Assets, Building Support, Launching and making good on your pledges Post Campaign.

As the campaign drew to a close and looked like it might stall, we provided helped and support with the final push. We helped make sure that the crowd was properly leveraged to ensure maximum funding.

Strangely Games ran a highly engaging campaign updating the public 18 times and receiving 998 comments from interested parties. In the end they surpassed their target raising £40,332 from 520 backers.

The Full Moon Jacket crowdfunding campaign can be found on Kickstarter here.

Gambit Consulting helped us develop our crowdfunding strategy from the outset. They taught us how to build our crowd and convert them into paying customers. In the end we smashed our target and I’ve now quit my teaching job to run Strangely Games full-time.

Paul D. Allen


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