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Gambit Consulting

We Help Small Businesses Develop and Grow

Gambit Consulting offers advice and guidance to those looking to move their business on to the next level. Our support empowers you to develop your business in line with your strategic goals.

At the heart of our philosophy is a commitment to building a strong relationship with the client. Good advice can only be given in an environment of mutual trust and understanding so we explain our services clearly, act transparently and never promise what we can’t deliver.

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The financial model that’s been developed for me is a simple yet powerful tool. It helps me to consider the financial implications of the decisions I make and allows me to forecast a number of different growth scenario’s before committing to a single strategy.

Simon Lyons

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Steve helped me conduct market research and more importantly apply it to my business in a practical way. It surprised me to learn just how much money is spent on bags and accessories in the UK and knowing this has been a confidence boost. I now better understand where my products need to be sold, how to sell them and at what price.

Charlie Evans

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Gambit Consulting helped us develop our crowdfunding strategy from the outset. They taught us how to build our crowd and convert them into paying customers. In the end we smashed our target and I’ve now quit my teaching job to run Strangely Games full-time.

Paul D. Allen

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Steve helped me write the business plan for Itch Gallery and this enabled me to get the funding I needed to start-up. Going through the process with an expert step by step gave me the confidence I needed to take the plunge as the financial investment needed was quite large both in terms of committing my own savings and taking on a bank loan.

Jenny Creasey

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Gambit Consulting helped us to map out our strategic vision for Whiteroom and translate this into a process we could begin implementing immediately. The advice was really helpful as it compelled us to lift our heads from the grindstone of day to day work and concentrate on where we are going as a business.

Martin Lewis

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